Updating channels problem on samsung tvs

03-Oct-2017 06:06

He said that upgrading a TV's firmware that is not experiencing problems can "crash" the TV. I told the Samsung tech that I updated the TV's firware when I originally got it over a month ago and the TV has worked flawlessly until just a few days ago.When my TV broke, I told the service technician that picked up the TV what the Samsung tech told me regarding the firmware update and he agreed.After purchase and in the registration process on my new set, the Samsung webpage pointed out that a newer version of FW was available 1002 to 1023, so I performed the update as I have done in the past with other sets.In this case the TV (BRAND NEW) powers off every 30 seconds, after the FW download.and now my TV runs only the cable and i have lost or the Smart part that i paid $$$ to have problem started by my tv not detecting the WIFI although my WIFI was 100% functional on my other devices.then all the icons in the smart TV as well as the wall paper disappeared. an hour after he tells me that he cant do anything and since i am out of warranty i have to get a technician on my expenses.i used an ethernet cable to have internet back so that the technician can log in remotely. (of course that will cost me a fortune) that i think better spend this money to get any other respectful brand.Thank you Samsung and hopefully never see you back Burying your post may help you rage and vent but there is a thing that I find to help SOME Wi Fi after update issues.

When I called 800-SAMSUNG I was told by the tech that since I was experiencing no problems with the TV at the time I updated the TV's firmware that I should not have done so.

I find myself resetting the TV (factory reset or whatever they call it) then setting up the Wi Fi again. mute 1-8-2 power (or something like that)..the situation in no wifi no internet and no smart tv.