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Police Officers Training and Experience Appellant argues that it was improper for the district court to rely on Sgt.

Police officers may rely on training and experience to draw inferences in their affidavits.

2004) (concluding that probable cause to search a house for evidence of child pornography exists when the totality of the circumstances, including the training and experience of the affiant and the nature of the crime, establishes a fair probability that child pornography will be found in the house), review denied (Minn. Swansons supporting affidavit did not include any factual evidence that provided a nexus between the alleged sexual conduct and the search of appellants home. In determining whether a nexus exists, the issuing judge must consider the following factors: the type of crime, the nature of the items sought, the extent of the suspects opportunity for concealment, and the normal inferences as to where the suspect would normally keep the items. Therefore, we conclude that the district court did not abuse its discretion in finding probable cause and issuing the search warrant.