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28-Aug-2017 23:22

This is because we are spread over 100 miles, being able to act systematically to your requests on location.

So don’t worry that you live in a small village, we will have you covered.

Step 3: if nothing helps, manually go to 5 or 6 and look through reports and photos posted there. In fact, I would estimate that over 70% of scammers ARE NOT reported online, because people who got scammed often do not know that black lists exist, or how to use them.

For obvious reasons, we want you to put consideration into your outcall location. This is why we suggest using hotel comparison service or take a look into: the Hilton Hotel, the College Court or the Leicester Marrriot Hotel.

A good thing about Travel scammers is that they are very easy to detect if any .

We would recommend the same due diligence checks to detect them.

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