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24-Jun-2017 18:11

CONCEPTDate My Avatar is a reality dating show, with dating game touches, that proposes an unprecedented, comical and sociological experiment on television.

Four suitors will have the chance to win someone's heart by showing their inner beauty through four human avatars.

Then the date will have the chance to see the suitor's real physical appearance.

The Suitors These are 4 people with something in common: the date is their ideal partner.

Date My Avatar: a hilarious dating reality show in which four human avatars are controlled remotely through an earpiece by the actual suitors try to win the heart of their date.

Will inner beauty trump outer beauty in the search for love?

Importantly, no command given by the suitor may be disobeyed, no matter how much the avatar believes it to be misguided.

The avatar and suitor help each other progress and improve, when it comes to dating: the suitor by teaching the person to be him or her, and the avatar by giving advice on how to win over the date.

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So I think it's a really bad, it's a really bad system.The avatars will provide nothing more than their physical charms, acting as the front men and women of the suitors, with just one goal: conquering the heart of an attractive date.