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Before long, their text messages became sexual in nature, with both teens sending erotic images and messages.The girl was staying in a nearby town with Timothy Wilder, age thirty, and Wendy Cox, age fifty-one.Many of these images show Dowling in the nude, with one particularly bizarre photo displaying his manhood submerged in a glass of wine with the caption, "He wanted a red wine." The next image in that series shows Dowling holding the glass aloft in a "cheers" pose.Though Dowling has owned up to being a chronic sexter and apologized to his staff, coworkers, constituents, two children, and wife of twenty-seven years, he denies using government funds to perpetuate his affair. In 2010, two fourteen-year-old Olympia, Washington Freshmen were flirting by text message one night when the boy, Isaiah, asked the girl, Margarite, to send him a sexy picture.

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After a thorough investigation, Margarite was declared the victim of the scandal, but three students, including Isaiah and the two girls who had initially forwarded the image, were formally charged with dissemination of child pornography, a Class C felony.

Teenagers are the most susceptible to the dangers of sexting, and statistics show that more teenagers are sexting than ever before.

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